As a property owner in the State of Texas, you are required to pay property taxes yearly.  Most of our customers pay a monthly property tax deposit to cover the year-end property taxes.  The receipt of those monthly tax deposits and subsequent payment of the prior year's taxes is reflected on your Property Tax Analysis mailed to you in the first part of January of each year with your year-end Statement of Account.

Any over or under payment you may have made during the year is also noted.  If, however, we are not collecting a monthly tax deposit for your property taxes, you will receive your tax notices directly from the taxing office(s) in the Fall of each year.  The taxes become delinquent if not paid by January 31st, at which time penalties and interest are added and continue to increase until the taxes are paid.  If you do not receive your tax statement(s) by the end of each year, it is your responsibility to contact the tax office(s) and inform them you need your tax statement(s) in order to avoid any delinquencies.  We closely monitor all property tax payments, so please pay promptly.  

If you would like to ease the burden of paying property taxes by spreading the payments out over the entire year, please contact us about setting up a property tax deposit account.  Our bookkeepers will be happy to assist you in setting up this convenient service.  To contact bookkeeping, Click:

For more information regarding Texas Property Taxpayer's Rights, Remedies and Responsibilities visit the Texas Comptroller website at:

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